Personal Statment

Civil Engineer, Lic. MSc. PhD
Candidate for the position of President-Elect

Humanity is facing new and important challenges in the twenty-first century. Technological democratization of society induced dramatic changes in social life transforming modern civilization on a more individual level: personal computers, mobile communication devices, robots and cyborgs are some examples of the future of the recent past. On the other hand, global warming and its consequences press the need for innovation on clean and efficient energy, natural disaster risk management, water and food security, smart and green cities, nanomaterials, etc. At the same time, it is noted that a large part of the world population risks being left behind with huge deficiencies in basic infrastructures and poor public health conditions with high rates of mortality and morbidity, especially in under-five children.

Engineering has a pivotal role to play in addressing the challenges to society arising from resource depletion, urbanisation increase, environmental degradation and climate change by embracing sustainable development and the green economy. As a permanent and audible voice for the engineering profession in the world, WFEO should engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are the globally established framework for addressing these challenges, recognising that high standards of safety and well-being in modern societies can be achieved through advances in engineering. This is the aim of the Paris Declaration signed by UNESCO and WFEO in March 2018. 
Considering its historic strengths, which are the highly diverse global network of professionals, WFEO must assume the mission of promoting the mobility, the education and the professional development of engineers in order to enhance the visibility of the value of engineers to society.

I believe that WFEO President-Elect must have a strong strategic and visionary outlook and a deep understanding of the world outside the Organisation. As a Federation spokesperson, managerial skills, a broad knowledge base and communication abilities are equally important for an adequate performance. 

I have a long history of proven experience in engineering activities, academic leadership, and work in technical and scientific associations at both the national and international level. This leads to a large network of contacts in many countries and organisations and extensive experience of networking and negotiating. I would like to share these experiences with the WFEO governing bodies and committees, increasing its influence in technical and political organisations worldwide.
WFEO faces a new and exciting period with the challenge of implementing its Engineering 2030 Plan. I am committed to fully support the strategy and objectives of this Plan and to work actively to create effective actions for a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable world.

November, 2019
José M. P. Vieira