Portuguese Engineers Association

National Vice President.

President of the Admission and Qualification Board.

Member of the Admission and Qualification Board.

President of the Regional Chapter of Braga.

Professional Qualifications (Portuguese Association of Engineers)

Counsellor (the highest Portuguese professional qualification level).

Specialist in Sanitary Engineering.

Specialist in Hydraulics and Water Resources.

Contributions and Activities at Ordem dos Engenheiros

My intense and long activity with Ordem dos Engenheiros (the Portuguese Engineers Association) dates back to 1998 when, as President of the Regional Chapter of Braga, a pioneering work in international relations resulted in the first professional agreement established with the Association of Civil Engineers of Galicia (Spain).

From 2013 onwards, as National Vice President I actively participated in the affirmation of the Association in various strategic developments both nationally and internationally.

At the national level, with the backdrop of the need to accommodate the European reforms in higher education resulting from the so-called Bologna process, I highlight my work in four main areas: (i) the development of a new regulatory system for admission of individual members; (ii) amendment of the statutes of the Association; (iii) the promotion of the EUR-ACE Quality Label for engineering education in Portugal; and (iv) the creation of a pioneer system for the accreditation of continuing engineering education (the AcCEdE System).

From my activity with an impact on the international image of Ordem dos Engenheiros, I highlight the initiatives related to engineering associations of Portuguese-speaking countries. Major milestones of this activity are: (i) the organisation of two international conferences (Lisbon 2012, and Macau 2014); and (ii) the signing of bilateral agreements on the recognition of professional qualifications, in particular the Portugal-Brazil Agreement. It should be noted that this intense international activity also resulted in the establishment of simplified mechanisms for mutual recognition of professional qualifications, and in the creation of the Federation of Engineering Associations of Portuguese-speaking countries, involving associations from four continents (Africa, America, Asia and Europe).