Research & Development Activities

Coordinator and participant in several national and international financial competitive R&D projects. Domains of research: water resources management (water quality and morphodynamics mathematical modelling in rivers, estuaries and coastal zones); sanitary engineering (drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, waste management).

Supervisor of PhD (9 finished) and MSc (24 finished) theses. Unversities of Portugal (Minho, Coimbra), Brazil (Viçosa), Mozambique (Beira), and Angola (Luanda).

Chair or member of Organising and Scientific Committees of national and international events. Conferences organized in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom, and China (Macau).

Research projects evaluator. Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology; CYTED Program (Programa Iberoamericano de Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo).

Scientific papers reviewer. Reviewer in journals (Water Research, Water Science and Technology, Environmental Geology, Water Resources Management, Natural Hazards, Hydrology Research, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering), and international conferences (IWA Water Congress, EWRA Congress).

Author of scientific and technical work. 

Some R&D Projects

Project title: DSS for Alqueva Water Quality Planning and Management (2003-2007)
- Financing: EDIA, S.A. (Portugal)
- Objectives: This project focuses on developing a decision support system to explore various planning and management water quality scenarios in the Alqueva (Guadiana river) sub-basin. The decision support system integrates several databases, geographic information systems, various models, computer technology, and meaningful user-model interfaces.
- Participation: co-ordinator.

Project title: Advanced Ocean Surface Data: Wave Energy Utilization and Primary Production POCI/MAR/61463/2004 (2005-2008)
- Financing: FCT (Portugal)
- Objectives: The main objective of this project is to obtain a long-term (10-year) time series of 12-hourly directional surface wave spectra in deep-water in Portuguese coastal areas. The second objective is to characterize sea state conditions area under the viewpoint of wave grouping and to understand and evaluate its influence on the design and performance of wave energy power plants. The third objective is to investigate the influence of wave breaking on the phytoplankton primary production.
- Participation: co-ordinator of the University of Minho group.

Project title: Multi-Objective Multi Reservoir Management (2009-2012)
- Financing: Singapore-Delft Water Alliance Research Projects
- Objectives: The participation of the University of Minho research group in this project focused in two major working tasks: model emulation for multi-reservoir control and optimisation; and multi-objective operational management of reservoirs. Marina Bay (Singapore) and Alqueva (Portugal) constitute case studies for this research work.
- Participation: co-ordinator of the University of Minho group.

Project title: Scientific co-ordination of the River Basin Management Plans for the northern region of Portugal (P_07.01/2009 (2009-2012)
- Financing: Portuguese Environmental Protection Agency
- Objectives: The overall scientific co-ordination of the river basin management plans for the northern region of Portugal. The project also included the thematic area of the coastal water resources.
- Participation: co-ordinator.

Project title: Floods Risk Assessment in the Mondego River Basin - Portugal (2016-2017)
- Financing: Portuguese Environmental Protection Agency
- Objectives: Characterize the river Mondego hydrodynamic conditions that caused the catastrophic floods near the city of Coimbra (Portugal) in 2016, applying hydroinformatic tools in modelling the morphodynamic conditions and the hydraulic structures influencing the river flows.
- Participation: co-ordinator.

Project title: MarRisk-Coastal adaptation to climate change: understanding the risks and increasing resilience 0262_MARRISK_1_E EP - INTERREG V A España Portugal (2017-2019)
- Financing: INTERREG (European Union)
- Objectives: Risk assessment in coastal zones under climate change scenarios (flooding, extreme events intensification, toxic algae blooms, coastal erosion)
- Participation: member of the University of Minho group.

Some Publications

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