Programmatic Lines

Proposals and Objectives
Candidate for the Position of President-Elect

WFEO as the voice of engineers in the world faces a new and exciting period with the challenge of implementing its Engineering 2030 Plan. I am committed to fully support the strategy and objectives of this Plan and to work actively in order to WFEO achieve a stronger focus on generating pride in membership providing a higher culture of service and an added value for its members by means of: 

- International leadership on engineering professional development with increasing influence and impact at world level. Maintain and, if possible, scale up efforts to give WFEO visibility and institutional relevance.

- Setting programmatic work to promote effective international cooperation in mutual recognition of engineering education and capacity building standards. Provide global networking opportunities for members to communicate and facilitate the implementation of common projects in the field of professional development of engineers.

- Strong commitment with the United Nations Sustainable Developing Goals, in the sequence of and related to the WFEO-UNESCO Paris Declaration 2018. The engineering profession has a pivotal role to play in meeting the challenges to society arising from resource depletion, environmental degradation and climate change by embracing sustainable development and the green economy.

- Increasing the interaction of WFEO with influential stakeholders for the engineering profession, including political decision makers, academia, industry and professional engineering institutions.

- Broadening WFEO's representativeness, especially in under-represented regions, and creating conditions for more active participation of women and young professionals.