World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO)

(2015 +)
Executive Council International Member Representative

(2018 +)
Chair Strategic Planning Committee 

Member of the Strategic Plan (2015-2019) Task Group

Contributions and Activities at WFEO

My first contact with WFEO business was in Paris, in April 2014, where I have actively participated in a Strategic Planning task group meeting, chaired by Villas Mujumdar, in preparation of the WFEO Strategic Plan 2015-2019. As WFEO Executive Council International Member (FEANI) Representative, I participated in successive General Assembly and Executive Council meetings where I have been active in presenting FEANI reports (Kyoto 2015, Lima 2016, Roma 2017, and London 2018).

In addition, I have had significant activity in technical conferences that are associated with WFEO meetings, in which I presented communications, for the sake of visibility and prestige of WFEO. These are the cases of my presentations at meetings in Lisbon and Madrid (50th WFEO Anniversary Acts, February-March 2018), Beijing (International Forum on Engineering Capacity, November 2018), and Paris (Information Meeting with UNESCO Permanent Delegations, February 2019).

Currently, as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, I am leading the process of preparing the Strategic Plan for the period 2019-2023 to be adopted by November 2019 in the forthcoming WFEO General Assembly in Melbourne.